“Weird Snack”

Perfect Splash, 16th of October 2017

Weird Snack was an exhibition showcasing artworks that presented new ways of thinking about eating, drinking and dining. 

“There has been suspicion amongst avid cheese eaters that the ingestion of cheese in the evening induces a distinctly intense and vivid dream during sleep – a Cheese Dream.

A Cheese Dream differs from a regular dream in the way that it is not fantastical – it is eerily realistic, revealing subjects from the depths of your subconscious. It can materialise with an every day situation with the tiniest irregularity – at times so marginal that your mind accepts it as if it were reality, allowing the unravelling of a peculiar narrative in a personal alternate timeline.

This research project recognises that such an experience has value in an intriguing channel of stimulation, as well as in associative thinking and self-reflection.

It documents the consumption of different cheeses over a period of nine months, assessing their effectiveness in inducing a Cheese Dream, as well as any correlation between cheese characteristics (e.g. type, firmness or mould presence) and the intensity or vividness of the Cheese Dream.”

- Excerpt from Cheese Dreams Vol. 01.

To further investigate the phenomenon of the Cheese Dream, a research project was conducted to study the effect of cheese consumption on dreaming activity. Nine months of documentation was compiled along with data generated from sleep monitoring apps into a self published zine, presented alongside ceramics centred around a new ritual of eating cheese before sleeping.

Bedside Platter with Cheese Stage

Toothbrush Holder with Cheese Cave

Overnight Cheese Transporter

Pages taken from Cheese Dreams Vol. 01