My name is Vivienne La. I was born and raised in Narrm/Birraranga on the stolen land of the Kulin Nations. I currently live and work in Lenni Lenape land (New York City).

I am interested in how through our own personal experiences and upbringing, we each cultivate our own perspective and ecosystem of interests. I interrogate this through virtual interactions that I have with myself online, which manifest to and from tangible objects and experiences. My work synthesises handmade and virtual disciplines through ceramic objects, documentation, and a parallel research into digital and social culture.

Through a slow and patient interaction with clay, I am forced to decelerate and enquire into my physical environment for form. When thinking about new forms I am always lead to wonder about alien infrastructure. I wonder about the implications of personal transmission and how the broadcast of our world might be read by these aliens. Through documentation I think we each generate a personal machine or alien gaze and I would like to use this as a way to investigate our own digital and physical relationships.